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LA GRANDE VADROUILLEWritten by director Gérard Oury with his daughter Danièle Thompson, La Grande Vadrouille is one of the great comic achievements of French cinema. Since its release in 1966 it was seen by 17 million people in France, a box-office record which it held until the release of Titanic. This engaging film is set during the Second World War and centres on three English airmen, including Sir Reginald (British comic legend Terry-Thomas) who parachute into Occupied France when the Germans shoot down their aircraft. One lands on the scaffold of amiable painter Augustin (Bourvil). Another lands on top of a concert hall and is rescued by the irascible conductor Stanislas Lefort (Louis De Funès). The third ends up in an enclosure of the Parisian Zoo. When they try to help the airmen make a rendez-vous, Augustin and Stanislas find themselves a target for the Germans as, assisted by an anti-German nun and a puppeteer’s daughter, they accompany the airmen on a dangerous trek across France towards the neutral zone. The three central actors revel in the madcap scenes they are thrown into, and the sparkling one-liners are matched with a fast-paced plot and breath-taking action scenes. You could win one of two Blu-ray copies of this hugely enjoyable action-comedy by answering the following question. What does La Grande Vadrouille mean in English? Send your answer on the form below by 17 December 2016, and the best of luck.




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