Sloth Life                                            WIN SLOTH LIFE – DON’T HURRY, BE HAPPY

Sloths are cute, cuddly and so impossibly chilled! Get ready to hang out with nature’s laziest, craziest creatures with this photographic and illustrated collection of sloths. It’ll have you slowed down and feeling mellow in no time! A sloth takes life at his own pace. He knows what makes him happy (naps, box-set binges, a good banana) and what makes him unhappy (laundry day, the gym, people who don’t recycle), and he makes sure his life is filled with more of the former than the latter. He is kind to his environment, but, just as importantly, he is kind to himself. Be like a sloth, and you’ll discover the secret to escaping the rat race and living a happy life in the slow lane. You could win a copy of this charming book by answering the following question: How long does it take for a sloth to digest a leaf? Send your name, address and the answer to by 14 May 2021, and the best of luck.


                                                                                           WIN ADAM SMITH’S WEST COAST ELEGY

Adam Smith - West Coast ElegyChaos, his previous album, saw Adam Smith covering all instruments except pedal steel. With West Coast Elegy and the introduction of musicians he builds a wider sound hinting at more new possibilities to come. Experiments with instrumentation have born unexpectedly sweet fruit and this intriguing CD has already gathered excellent reviews in UK and USA music press. Wistful vocals are set against a widescreen folk backdrop: honest balladry/velvet melody from this London based ‘alt-country’ artist who uses synth and samples alongside his virtuoso finger picked guitar. Dappled, gentle tones reminiscent of Nick Drake and Chris Isaaks are woven into Adam’s own accomplished style. You could win a copy of this fine CD by answering the following question: What is Homer Simpson’s favourite way to fly across the country? Send your name, address and the answer to by 14 April 2021, and the best of luck.



‘Nothing beats flying across the country on a train.’ – Homer SimpsonFind out more at


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Simon Tinsley & Jackie Moore – Link Blu-ray.

Carole Nott  & Anthony Redhead – Opium Rose DVD.



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