TransformationIrish Electro Alt Punk Rockers Movment continue the genre’s legacy by infusing raw intense Synth forced with hard driven bass guitars ending in a sound not heard since the likes of Ministry, Praga Khan and Joy Division. The band’s exciting new album, Transformation, gives that real electronic music with that attitude and message of Punk Rock!  Their strong vocal prowess connects melodically with the guitar and synth infusion that are the heart of their songs. There is a divergence in society and this latest album explores that situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda and there needs to be a Transformation from where we are now. ‘There is another way. What is the truth? What is fake?’ You could win one of two copies of the dark and compelling Transformation by answering the following question: What is your favourite track on the album? Send your name, address and the answer to by 9 February 2022, and the best of luck.


‘Nothing beats flying across the country on a train.’ – Homer SimpsonFind out more at


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Competition Winners

Susan Walker – All Creatures Great And Small DVD

Peter Flynn – Britannia Series 3 DVD

Claire Woods & Howard Foster – The Old Testament Of Love

Amy Gray – Deceit DVD

Sean Easby, William Douglas & Sheri Darby – West 11 DVD

Helen Martin – Effie Gray Blu-ray/DVD

Jazmin Cooper – Sloth Life

Elvina Ebrahimifar – Adam Smith: West Coast Elegy

Simon Tinsley & Jackie Moore – Link Blu-ray.

Carole Nott  & Anthony Redhead – Opium Rose DVD.


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